“The landscape you painted silhouetted against the blue of the sky, Positano, light and shadow…”      
Carlo Belli

Positano, Unesco World Heritage Site, is situated in a charming valley on the Amalfi coast in a breathtaking landscape in the green of citrus orchards, olive groves, vineyards and the Mediterranean scrub.

Its lovely beaches stretch out into the sea; a heavenly place that has attracted travellers painters, writers and celebrities for centuries.

Tour & Excursions

Boat Trip

Exploring the coast from the sea on a private boat is an unforgettable experience. We can organize for you a tour of the Amalfi Coast, a tour of the island of Capri with the Faraglioni or a day trip on the island of Procida (Capital of culture 2022).

It is also possible to book a 2-hour sunset tour.


It is one of the most suggestive destinations on the entire Amalfi Coast, a true pearl of authenticity and refinement.

Don’t miss Villa Rufolo and the wonderful gardens of Villa Cimbrone

Pompei e Vesuvio

A tour to Pompeii and/or Herculaneum represents an essential experience for those on holiday in Positano, perhaps adding the climb to the crater of Vesuvius, the volcano that in 79 AD destroyed the two Roman cities, handing them over to eternity.


Naples is one of the oldest cities in Europe, one of the most important in Magna Graecia. Its historic center, the largest in Italy and among the largest in Europe, contains 27 centuries of history

Underground Naples is an unmissable stop, a suggestive journey in the subsoil of Naples to discover the Greek-Roman remains subsequently used as a refuge to shelter from bombing during the Second World War and still today testifies the life of those moments with objects, memories and graffiti.

Do not miss the traditional Neapolitan Pizza.

Path of Gods

Forget about your car, wear a pair of mountain boots and ride along the ancient connecting roads of the Amalfi Coast.

The Path of Gods is one of the most beautiful nature trails in the world, , starting from Bomerano (Agerola) and arriving in Nocelle (Positano) overlooking the entire Amalfi Coast poised between sea and sky.

Walking time: approx. 3 hours

Km: 7,8 km/ 4,8 miles

Difficulty Level: mild


We propose a daily tour in Paestum, a city rich in history renowned for its temples, ancient ruins and attractions such as the Archaeological Park of Paestum and the Museum of Paestum.

Do not miss a visit to a dairy to taste buffalo mozzarella.


The Villa offers a transfer service from/to the airport/train station with fee.


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